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Customer Responsibilities

In order for Binzzer Clean LLC. to provide its service we ask that the following conditions be met. Bins must be easily accessible to us on scheduled service day. Bins must be free of excessive cooking oil, motor oils or unbagged animal waste. Bins must be free of fresh paint, glue, or other adhesive. Bins must be free of building materials such as concrete, plaster and sawdust. If for any reason the service person feels that the bin condition is not conducive to cleaning he/she reserves the right to skip service on that day and notice will be sent to you explaining the reason for the skip.


All payments are due prior to service being scheduled. If a payment is not received or payment method is declined, the cleaning service will not be scheduled.


Our service includes curbside cleaning of your residential trash cans. We will clean the inside and outside of your trash cans and deodorize them. We will also take the gray water with us so as to not leave it on the street in front of your home.

We do NOT clean yard waste bins.

Refund Policy

We do NOT offer refunds on services already completed.


If a cancellation is made after the first cleaning of a selected monthly service, that cleaning will be deemed a one time cleaning and billed accordingly at a rate of $40.

Revisit Fee

If we arrive at your home on the scheduled day and your trash cans are not accessible to us (curbside or in front of the garage or gate), we will reschedule your cleaning and a revisit charge of $8 will be applied to your payment method.

If the revisit is due to the trash hauling company, the revisit will be scheduled for the first run (7:30am-9:00am) the next day at no charge.


We will not accept responsibility for damaged trash cans. Those issues need to be taken to the city which provides the trash cans. Our service is merely to clean the trash cans.